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If you want a review of fractions(add, subtract, multiply and divide), decimals(add, subtract, multiply and divide), squares, square roots and times tables, then the Math Review is for you. Each question has a customized, detailed, step by step explanation of how to solve it. This is perfect for students of all ages.
The Math Review books were inspired by FunEducation, a San Diego company.

You will find sample problems on this site. Please note that Adobe Acrobat is required to view Samples of each volume. Acrobat is available for free by clicking here.

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Volume 2 contains 400 questions:
  • Add Decimals   (100 practice questions)
  • Subtract Decimals   (100 practice questions)
  • Multiply Decimals   (100 practice questions)
  • Divide Decimals   (100 practice questions)
Sample Volume 2

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If you want to be challenged by math patterns and puzzles, you will find some examples to solve on this site.

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